Aclidinium Bromide

Name: Aclidinium Bromide


Bronchodilator; a synthetic quaternary ammonium antimuscarinic agent.1 11 12 13 14

Aclidinium Bromide Dosage and Administration


Administer by oral inhalation only using a specific oral inhalation device (Pressair) that delivers powdered drug.1

Oral Inhalation

Prior to use, remove protective cap and hold inhaler with the mouthpiece toward the face and the green button facing straight up; do not tilt inhaler.1 Before placing inhaler in the mouth, completely depress and then release the green button on the inhaler.1 Check control window to ensure the change from red to green, indicating that the dose is ready for inhalation.1

Exhale completely; do not exhale into the Pressair device.1 Place mouthpiece of inhaler tightly between the lips; inhale quickly and deeply through the mouth.1 A click will sound during inhalation indicating correct use of inhaler.1 Continue inhaling until the lungs are full.1

Do not press or hold down the green button during inhalation.1 After complete inhalation, remove inhaler from the mouth and hold the breath for as long as comfortable, then exhale slowly through the nose.1

While some patients may taste the drug delivered from the Pressair device, do not use another dose even if the taste of drug is not perceived.1 Check control window to ensure change from green to red, indicating that the full dose was inhaled.1

If control window is still green, attempt to inhale through the device again.1 If unable to inhale correctly after several attempts, contact clinician.1 After control window turns red, press the protective cap back onto mouthpiece of inhaler.1

Cleaning the inhaler is not necessary.1 If desired, wipe outside of mouthpiece with a dry tissue or paper towel; do not use water to clean the inhaler.1


Available as aclidinium bromide; dosage expressed in terms of the salt.1

Each actuation of the metered-dose inhaler contains 400 mcg of aclidinium bromide as inhalation powder.1 Precise amount of drug delivered to lungs with each activation of the Pressair device depends on factors such as patient's inspiratory flow rate and time.1 Each actuation delivers 375 mcg of aclidinium bromide from the mouthpiece.1 Commercially available inhaler delivers 60 metered doses.1


COPD Inhalation

400 mcg (one inhalation) twice daily.1

Special Populations

Hepatic Impairment

No dosage adjustment required.1 (See Hepatic Impairment under Cautions.)

Renal Impairment

No dosage adjustment required.1 (See Renal Impairment under Cautions.)

Geriatric Patients

No dosage adjustment required.1 3 (See Geriatric Use under Cautions.)