Ocean hypertonic nasal irrigant

Name: Ocean hypertonic nasal irrigant


Buffered USP sodium chloride in an 8 fluid ounce bottle to which water is added. When shaken and dissolved, a 3% saline solution is prepared.

Ingredients:   Sodium Chloride, USP, and Sodium Phosphate

Action and Uses:   For irrigating the nasal membranes and sinus cavities which may contribute to reducing dust and allergens, preventing bleeding, decreasing swelling, or liquefying and flushing mucus from the nose. In the hospital setting, it can be used post surgically.

Administration and Dosage:   After water is added and the salt is dissolved, lean over a sink or go into a shower. Tilt the head slightly away from the nostril being irrigated. The solution is sprayed into each nostril allowing for drainage from both sides. The tip is adjustable to control the amount of solution entering the nasal membrane. Use as much of the salt solution as needed. May be repeated several times daily.

How Supplied

Plastic bottle containing the correct amount of sodium chloride and sodium phosphate. Fill with 8 ounces of water to form saline solution.